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Morocco is a country like no other. We impress upon anyone who is visiting the country – whether on business or pleasure – to experience at least one Marrakech day trip. It is on these trips, that you experience the real heart of the country.

One of our passions – besides offering the most luxurious car rental – is exploring this beautiful land. We run day trips from Marrakech for all our customers so they experience the sights, sounds and spirituality that lie around the Red City.

Our team of drivers are all brimming with local knowledge that ensures an unforgettable Marrakech day tour every time.

Organising your trip with us means you’ll experience all the Home James Morocco benefits which include: 

  • Punctuality
  • Total reliability
  • A choice of beautiful, luxury cars
  • Trusted, qualified drivers in tailored suits, who are multi-lingual with excellent local knowledge
  • In-car WiFi and GPS
  • Exceptional value

We make sure all our trips from Marrakech are designed to inspire, captivate and enthral.

From our breathtaking Atlas Mountains tour to experiencing the majesty of the Sahara and visiting one of the world’s most noted filming locations on our Ourrzazate day trip from Marrakech – the so-called Door of the Desert.

Arranging your Marrakech day trip could not be easier. Just fill out our quick and easy form and we’ll get straight back to you.

We will also send you a free guide detailing all the best places to visit during your time in Marrakech and Morocco. This is a great taster for what to expect during your time with us.

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We are not an agency – and we do not deal with any middlemen. Our cars are 100% owned by our company. All of our first-rate drivers are part of our full-time payroll.

By doing this, we ensure that the highest standards on our Marrakech tours are maintained at all times.

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This caramel-coloured oasis is tucked away south east of Marrakech. With the Sahara to the south of the city, it is known as the Door to the Desert.



A mountain range like no other, the Atlas Mountains are alive with small, remote communities, astonishing flora and the most beautiful animals unique to Africa.

Atlas Mountains


The backdrop of many historical events, Essaouira is now more known for its role as a holiday destination and a city of culture.



The tranquility of the Falls provides a welcome respite to the excitement of Marrakech. It involves an easy hike, a leisurely meal, some monkey spotting and a gentle boat trip for photo opportunities.



If your passion lies in the mountains, your stay in Morocco needs to include a tour of this highland village. The centre of mountain tourism, Imlil is the perfect place to begin a trip up a mountain, particularly if you want to experience Jebel Toubkal.



Our tours of the Ourika Valley provide one of the most unforgettable highlights of your stay in Morocco. An opportunity to witness breathtaking landscapes and the kindness and infectious joy of the Berber people who live there.

Ourika Valley


Paradise Valley, located not too far from Agadir, is an example of where nature has taken an extraordinary turn.

Paradise Valley


All our trips are done in vehicles designed to provide comfort and luxury whatever the conditions. These include:


When it comes to do-anything luxury and prowess on the road, the Range Rover caters to every single need. It’s go-anywhere attitude, all-day convenience and diesel efficiency make it the symbol of lavish comfort.

Ranger Rover HSE


Toyota combines advanced off-road technology and reliability with a drop of style and comfort. Very versatile, it can hold up to seven people. It’s great safety features mean that you’re guaranteed to arrive to your destination safe and sound.

Toyota Landcruiser Prado


No one compromises on safety and comfort when it comes to travelling on the road with your family, sprinkle in quality and style and that’s where the Mercedes Vito comes in. Dependable and Versatile would be two words that encapsulate this car.

Mercedes Vito


What our customers are saying

My mother and I took a trip to Essaouira with Mohammed as our guide. We had a great time. Mohammed was a good and careful driver and he was also kind and conscientious to ensure that we got the most out of our trip. He answered all of our many questions honestly and thoughtfully. Unlike other tours we had experienced in Morocco, there were no hidden or extra costs, and there was no stress! Nothing was a problem and we could really relax!

Anthia, United Kingdom

Spent a week in June with a great driver who was always friendly, available, on time, and he had great knowledge about his country! He organized us a tour to Merzouga which was amazing. Highly Recommend.

Janique, Switzerland

We enjoyed our trips with this company; new cars, good drivers, professional, very punctual and friendly. Feeling really satisfied with the service quality and price!

Maria, France

From our blog


17th May 2017
Chauffeur Service Marrakech

认识一个城市的最好方法是在所有历史和重要地方看到内部知识,餐厅和美食,以及去娱乐和娱乐的地方。这就是为什么当您在马拉喀什与家庭摩天大楼预订私人司机驾驶员时,我们可以承诺,我们不仅仅是租车服务。 我们的英语和摩洛哥专业人士团队通过为您在马拉喀什的活动和活动提供建议和选择,为我们的客户提供独家经验。作为一家位于可爱的马拉喀什的英国公司,我们可以了解您想在国外假期遇到的事情,或离开家乡时可能遇到的问题和疑虑。 我们还提供各种一天到几天的旅行和游览选择,所以您可以充分利用在摩洛哥的时间。我们参观了高阿特拉斯山脉,Ourika谷,Ozoud瀑布,摩洛哥好莱坞的瓦尔扎扎特,撒哈拉沙漠,拉巴特,费兹,梅克内斯以及当然马拉喀什的皇家城市,还可以参加一日游卡萨布兰卡的经济之都。 我们的司机是摩洛哥阿拉伯语,法语和英语的多语言,所以你不必担心沟通问题。他们有多年与国际客户合作,并将很高兴帮助您在摩洛哥享受您的时光。 如果您有兴趣了解有关我们在马拉喀什的私人司机驾驶员的详细信息,请致电+212 6 08 85 51 44或填写以下快速简便的表格。


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